About the Author

Being the best student in my cohort every year throughout my 5 years in Methodist Boys’ Secondary School Kuala Lumpur (a cluster school of excellence), I scored 4A*s for my A Level and was recognised as the best academic student for the Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas’s A Level stream of my year. During my time as an A2 student, I realised that a lot could be done to complement the material taught in class to make learning the most productive possible. As I did the past year papers I began to see that there is a trend and precise scope of what CIE examines — there are specific questions that CIE tends to recycle. However, with more than 30 papers, a proper structure for analysis is required. As a solution, I co-authored with my friend our own notes that became our only source of reference before the exams (except for diagram labelling questions, where the textbook came in). All past year questions were given the most intense scrutiny. Both of us got A*s for our Biology and we thank God for that achievement.

I graduated from University College London in 2017.

Best wishes,
Michael Fork