CIE / CAIE A2 Biology Notes for the 2023 syllabus (Sample below)

Appreciate predicted questions with a solid track record of being featured in exams? Struggling to find time to complete all the past year papers? Having difficulties in piecing together those keywords in the marking scheme for essays? Hoping to have all the past year questions with their complete answers grouped into their respective sub-topics?

Our Biology notes, fully revised for the 2023 syllabus and updated to the October/ November 2018 exam series, are of the highest quality and we are proud to present them to you. Since our first launch in 2015, our customers have been delighted with their purchase of the notes, realising how our notes alone have the power to boost their learning progress like no other. Praises after praises came pouring in from students across the globe. Our notes come highly recommended by the former headteacher of Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas, Ms Lauren Laurie Wilson. On her own initiative, without our knowledge at first, she spread good words about our notes to her students. Our notes have also been recognised by a qualified retired doctor, Dr Dave, who is now teaching A-level Biology, for their excellence.

Karen Smith, Head of Science and Biology teacher for 11 years at Oporto British School says, 
“Wow, these notes are truly amazing. My A2 students are really benefitting from all Michael’s hard work. Having exam questions and full answer for every objective [in the syllabus] really enables you to grasp the scope of the CIE syllabus. And how intuitive of Michael to write questions and mark schemes for the new parts of the syllabus. It is with great pleasure that I can highly recommend this superb resource for students and teachers alike.”

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Download our sample topic here: Chapter 12 Energy and Respiration

What are our notes all about?

Our notes are specially created for students sitting the CIE A2 Biology paper. The notes cover all topics in A2 and include predicted questions and notes for the latest syllabus. Suggested answers are included for all material past year questions in P4 from May/June 2003 session to October/ November 2018, including every variant for the May/ June and October/ November sessions. The notes also include suggested answers in full for all essay questions.

Our notes cover the following topics:
Chapter 12 Energy and Respiration
Chapter 13 Photosynthesis
Chapter 14 Homeostasis
Chapter 15 Coordination
Chapter 16 Inherited Change
Chapter 17 Selection and Evolution
Chapter 18 Biodiversity, Classification and Conversation
Chapter 19 Genetic Technology

With our notes, you have topical based exam questions with full complete answers and commentary, plus spot-on predicted questions and customised notes!

You should buy the notes if…

  1. You want ready-made notes for the latest syllabus.
  2. You want exam questions (with full suggested answers!) categorised into topics, and then into sub-topics.
  3. You want to attempt all past year questions (especially essay questions) but don’t have the time to do so.
  4. You have difficulty in putting keywords provided in the marking scheme into your answer either because you don’t know how to phrase them in a complete sentence or you are still new to the material.
  5. You want to know how to best prepare for the examination and hit the ground running immediately after a new topic is taught in class.
  6. You want to ace the exam in the shortest amount of time with the most efficient method possible.

10 Reasons Why Our Notes Are Special

  1. We categorise all material past year questions into their respective topics, and then into their sub-topics, enabling you to see the trend and the similarities between them.
  2. We further analyse all similar past year questions and write a master answer whenever possible, taking into account the changes of expectation from CIE throughout the past 10 years. A master answer is the one answer that you need to answer questions related to a specific topic no matter how the question is phrased. You will frequently see the same master answer being used in our notes to answer different questions yet scoring the same full maximum marks.
  3. We refer to more than 10 Biology textbooks to ensure that the suggested answers are accurate and complete, with keywords used in the marking scheme.
  4. We read through the examiner’s report for almost all questions so that our answers and commentary reflect what the examiners are looking for, bring your attention to some of the subtleties involved in the marking scheme, and warn you against common pitfalls.
  5. We use colour coding to draw your attention to some of the keywords in the questions to help you improve your answering techniques and divert your focus to keywords that will give you credit.
  6. We add in comments for some of the more challenging questions.
  7. We provide additional comments from time to time from reliable references to increase your understanding of the syllabus and reduce the gap between what you are taught in class and what is expected from CIE.
  8. We look through the learning outcomes and spot on possible essay questions that might come out in your examination. Following such a systematic approach, it is perhaps unsurprising that we have a very strong record of successfully predicting essay questions. 
  9. We make sure that you master all the learning outcomes before sitting your examination.
  10. We add in supplementary questions for topics that have the potential for more testing.

Does this mean that reading your notes is sufficient for me to score an A*?

We will be honest. The answer is – almost sufficient.

You need to go through all diagrams in your textbook so you could answer every question on diagram labelling. You should also have scored a grade in your AS final that has the potential for attaining an overall grade of A* and do very well in P5. Paying attention in class and understanding the framework of the topics will help you learn more from these notes. You should read the textbook and pay special attention to the topics of the new syllabus which were absent in the previous syllabus.

How does scientific research show that our notes will assist in boosting your performance during the actual examination?

  1. Research shows that repetitive learning using the same material enhances your understanding of the syllabus.
  2. The proper organisation of our notes, with the splitting of each answer into its separate components for better memorisation, and colour coding, enable you to memorise faster, more effectively and with ease.
  3. The brief summary page which we create for some of the topics enables you to revise the gist of the topic, and assists you to commit the material into memory.


As a medical doctor turned Biology teacher, I was looking for efficient supplementary resources to facilitate my efficiency as a teacher for my CIE A-Level students. I came across Michael’s notes on the internet, and went through his free sample on Photosynthesis. All I can say is, his notes are thorough and geared towards preparing the students to ace the exam. I decided to buy the notes for myself. They are a powerful resource not just for students but also for Biology teachers. Highly recommended!
Murtaza Hameer, medically qualified retired doctor and tutor, Tanzania

The layout of these notes is absolutely brilliant because the new mark schemes are very specific and it’s easy enough to miss marks despite knowing the knowledge, so this resource is invaluable to ensure your knowledge is concise and what the mark scheme wants. It’s very well put together, researched and Michael is lovely! Would definitely recommend.
Claire Lloyd-Davies, St Catherine’s Bramley, England, United Kingdom

Wow, these notes are truly amazing. My A2 students are really benefiting from all Michael’s hard work. Having exam questions and full answers for every objective in the syllabus really enables you to grasp the scope of the CIE syllabus. And how intuitive of Michael to write questions and mark schemes for the new parts of the syllabus. It is with great pleasure that I can highly recommend this superb resource for students and teachers alike.
Karen Smith, Head of Science and Biology teacher for 11 years at Oporto British School

I just wanted to say thank you for the notes! They are absolutely fantastic and I just got 10/10 on a quiz I did last week using them! 
Amelia Hassan, London

The notes are excellent!
Richard Engel, The Perse (UK Independent School)

“Anyone who needs a boost for A2 Biology – these are very good notes…”
Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas Official Facebook page

The notes are great and very useful to me. It helped me a lot in writing a better form of answer as I always wonder how I am gonna write the concept in words. I find that they are very concise and easy to comprehend. The notes have guided me in answering questions, especially essays.
Megan Cheong, Sunway College

The topical notes have helped me a lot in doing my revision. I no longer have to search for the past year questions in the thick past year books to look for the topics that I wanted to revise. Having used the notes only for a few weeks, I find them concise and easy to read compared to the wordy and lengthy paragraphs in the textbook. One of the many perks is that the notes cover answering techniques as well which are helpful in guiding me on how to tackle the questions accurately and effectively.
Darren Wong, Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas

The notes are really good. My Biology results actually improved by a grade. What I like the most about the notes is that it has key points which are made bold and the predicted questions are just too good. I am very thankful for having these set of notes with me. Indeed, it is the best A2 Biology Notes!
Kuhen Thalmalingam, Private Candidate

Your notes are well organised and prepared. Your notes are easy to be referred and very comprehensive. I would recommend your biology notes to all A-Level students who take Biology because it is very helpful and it consists of very important information. Biology students do not need to dig any information from those tedious academic books anymore, as everything required to know for the syllabus is found here in Michael’s notes. I feel safe while purchasing the notes from Michael as he was nice and approachable. Even though we communicate only by email, I can feel that he is very sincere.
Pei Lin Chua, Taylor’s College Subang Jaya

I’m fairly confident that simply reading the notes would help me achieve a better grade. Why do you ask? Well, it consists of information that is compiled from various reference books, giving a comprehensive view of the subject to the readers. The marking scheme for these notes is also much easier to understand than the CIE one where without having a full concept of the topics one would find it difficult to understand. This makes it a must buy!
Pei Qin, Taylor’s College Subang Jaya

I have purchased the CIE Biology Notes for A2 and after using them for almost a week, I found out that the notes are very accurate and concise. It covers the whole syllabus and simple enough that it is easy to understand. It has greatly helped me understand topics and it makes my revision easy and accessible. Besides, I love dealing with Michael Fork because he is very customer friendly and he gives me fast and accurate service. I truly have no regrets spending my own money on this notes and I would definitely recommend this notes to anyone who wish to score excellent grades in Biology. Best of luck!
Fathin Kamaruzzaman, Inti College

A well written notes with an excellent guide. I can now sleep in my class.
Gary Ng Kian Nam, Taylor’s College Subang Jaya

Download our sample topic now!

We feature Chapter 12 Energy and Respiration as our sample topic.

Our Price and The Reason Behind It

We have spent over a thousand hours to make the notes precise, accurate, comprehensive and reliable.

Taking into account your examination fees, course fees, and book fees, we feel that £18 (GBP) is a reasonable price. If you have taken private tuition, you will understand that this is a one-time purchase that is really good value for money. Our sample is proof that the notes are more useful than any of the lectures or tuition classes you attend.

Besides the countless working hours, we also spent money on book resources to ensure that we present the most reliable content. In fact, given all the hard work, Mark Palmer, a tutor from The International School @ Park City, Malaysia with over 20 years of teaching experience in Biology said that the price is ‘fantastic’.

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About The Author, Michael Fork

Being the best student in my cohort every year throughout my 5 years in Methodist Boys’ Secondary School Kuala Lumpur (a cluster school of excellence), I scored 4A*s for my A Level and was recognised as the best academic student for the Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas’s A Level stream of my year. During my time as an A2 student, I realised that a lot could be done to complement the material taught in class to make learning the most productive possible. As I did the past year papers I began to see that there is a trend and a precise scope of what CIE examines — there are specific questions that CIE tends to recycle. However, with more than 30 papers, a proper structure for analysis is required. As a solution, I co-authored with my friend our own notes that became our only source of reference before the exams (except for diagram labelling questions, where the textbook came in). All past year questions were given the most intense scrutiny. Both of us got A*s for our Biology and we thank God for that achievement.

I graduated from University College London in 2017.

In the notes, we do not own the questions. The questions are the copyright of CIE. We obtain these questions from a website which is publicly available to all. We charge our work based on our organisation of the notes and our suggested answers only.